Choosing the Right Piano Movers

Hiring a piano mover with the right equipment is best if you’re planning to move. Make sure the company has the right dollies and boards to move your piano safely. You’ll also need a contract with a detailed list of services and a financing plan. If you want to hire a piano mover, ask for photos of their work and the condition of her piano.

Piano MoversWhen choosing a piano mover, make sure you hire a specialized company. Piano Movers Summerville, SC have specialized equipment, including custom dollies and moving boards. It will also have ATV vehicles to move your piano from one location to another. Additionally, make sure you choose a company with a good reputation for leaving customers happy. If you are unsure of which piano mover to choose, you can check customer reviews online.

Before hiring a piano mover, it is important to provide the company with specific information about the size, type, and length of your piano. They’ll need to know whether any stairs, doorways, or obstacles could make moving your piano more difficult. Furthermore, they’ll need to know whether the piano needs protection. Also, you’ll need to provide them with the pickup and delivery addresses. The right piano mover will provide you with a quote after assessing your needs and comparing their prices.

You’ll also need to consider the experience and professionalism of your chosen piano mover. Oftentimes, you can find out whether a piano mover is legitimate simply by checking out their USDOT number. This information can be found on their website, in their advertisements, or by performing a simple internet search. Make sure to be careful when reading online reviews, though. You don’t want to hire a piano mover who has a bad reputation.

Before hiring a piano mover, be sure to measure your new home, and make sure your piano will fit comfortably in it. Make sure you double check the measurements and compare them to the dimensions of the room you’re moving to. Also, make sure you’ll have access to all sides of the piano, as moving a piano is easiest when it’s accessible from any angle.

Pianos are big and difficult to move without special equipment. Moving a piano without the appropriate tools can lead to minor or even major damage. Professional piano movers have the necessary equipment to safely move a piano, and they have the expertise and equipment to ensure that it slides through tight spaces without causing too much damage.

Professional piano movers should also be licensed and carry insurance. Ask them to provide a certificate of insurance. You can check the insurance status of a piano mover online or by contacting a home insurance agent. Also, make sure to ask about the company’s experience in moving pianos. Using a professional piano mover will save you money in the long run.

The piano’s weight also matters. Depending on the type and size, a grand piano can weigh up to 1,400 pounds. By comparison, an upright piano can weigh up to 300 pounds. Even the smallest upright piano is likely to require three or more people to move. In order to protect the flooring, piano movers should use dollies or specialized equipment to move the piano. They will have extra bearings and rubber wheels to protect your floors.

When you hire a piano mover, you’ll need to be sure they know how to pack it properly. Pianos are heavy and require special crates and packing materials. Because of this, some companies won’t even move a piano because they’re scared it will cause damage. In addition, you may need to secure the piano’s legs with straps or screws.